How much money could I get?

Do you know what expenditure you can and can’t claim on?

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What expenditure can I claim for?

You can include various types of expenditure as part of your RDTI claim.

There are some restrictions on expenditure that occurs in certain contexts, and there’s a list of specific types of expenditure that are ineligible. Check out all the details below.

  • The main cost businesses usually claim for is the cost of paying people to carry out R&D. 

    As a guide, roughly 70% of a tax credit generally reflects employee costs.

    The other costs you can claim include depreciation and goods and services used to conduct  R&D.

    Find out more about what costs you can claim

  • Conditions apply to some types of expenditure, which mean you may not be able to claim the full amount associated with that expenditure.

    Expenditure subject to restrictions includes:

    • expenditure connected with associates
    • expenditure on contractors
    • foreign expenditure
    • expenditure incurred in the course of normal production
    • expenditure incurred in a situation where any goods produced as a result of your R&D are sold (feedstock rule).

    Find out more about expenditure subject to restrictions.

  • There are some types of expenditure that can’t be included at all when you complete your RDTI claim.

    View the full list of excluded expenditure.

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