Growing research and development (R&D) to help grow New Zealand

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R&D Tax Incentive

R&D Tax Incentive

New Zealand’s business innovation has been built by people asking “what if”?

We’re dreamers and innovators, and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. That spirit is part of who we are as a nation and has created a legacy of research and development (R&D). But dedicated R&D requires time and resources, and New Zealand has fallen behind other OECD countries. To drive the economy forward we need to invest more in innovation.

To help kickstart that investment, the Government has now introduced the R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI), allowing businesses to claim a 15% tax credit on their eligible R&D costs. Find out if the RDTI can help you invest more time and resource into R&D, explore ideas and develop scientific or technological solutions that create growth for your business - and for New Zealand.

F&P Healthcare

“The Growth Grant has been helpful to us, but the R&D tax credit is going to be better again due to the sheer amount of R&D we do.”

Andrew Somervell, Products and Technology VP, F&P Healthcare



"Beca gets immense value from the support we receive from Callaghan Innovation - it makes good business sense for us to move to the R&D Tax Incentive scheme."

Mark Fleming, CFO, Beca


Volpara Health

“More companies in New Zealand doing R&D will now be able to receive a benefit and that’s good for NZ Inc.”

Craig Hadfield, Volpara CFO


Check if your R&D is eligible

To help you determine if your R&D is eligible, we’ve developed an easy to use online tool. The simple questions give an indication of whether your R&D may qualify for the RDTI.
Click here to be taken to Inland Revenue's easy-to-use eligibility tool.