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Keep good R&D records

Good records and well-structured processes will make claiming the RDTI a smooth process. Having your R&D and financial teams work together from the outset will mean you're more likely to have all the information you need - and documented in a way that helps support your RDTI claim.


Record-keeping for the purposes of claiming the RDTI is a hybrid of tax and research information, which will need to go beyond what’s normally required for tax purposes. You will need to include information on your R&D activities and expenditure in your claim. This includes ensuring you have sufficiently detailed records to substantiate if Inland Revenue needs additional information regarding your claim.

You might find it best to involve your technical people as well as your accountant, and where possible try to integrate RDTI requirements into your existing accounting system and project management processes.    

If you can identify and record the information at the time the R&D activity occurs it makes the process easier, the documentation more thorough and improves the credibility of your claim.

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