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RDTI transition support for former Growth Grant recipients

The Growth Grant has been phased out and replaced with the R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI). The eligibility criteria differ between the two schemes, and this has caused some uncertainty about the level of funding some former Growth Grant recipients will receive through the RDTI.

The Government is committed to supporting business expenditure on R&D and delivering an effective RDTI. To provide more certainty, RDTI transition support has been introduced for former Growth Grant recipients in the form of a transition support payment. For businesses that need it, this will bring the total amount of R&D support to a similar level as the Growth Grant. This RDTI transition support payment is designed to support former Growth Grant recipients as the RDTI continues to be further refined to support more R&D-performing businesses.

July 2021
The Ministerial Direction has been approved providing details of how the RDTI transition support payment (TSP) will be calculated, including information on the administration of the scheme. Based on this directive, Callaghan Innovation is able to finalise details of the overall TSP process. Updated information for customers will be released on this website early August 2021. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact us.

Learn about the RDTI transition support available for former Growth Grant recipients in our 'Fact Sheet'.

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