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  • RDTI in-year payments give you the option of an interest-free loan of up to 80% of the expected value of your RDTI tax credit for a given income year.

  • With RDTI in-year payments, you can request up to three payments per income year, starting in the same year as you’re conducting your R&D.

  • Did you know you can offset your anticipated RDTI tax credit for a particular income year against your provisional tax payments for that year? This is likely to be the preferred option if you have provisional tax to pay, because you can offset up to 100% of your anticipated RDTI tax credit. If your anticipated credit exceeds your provisional tax due, you can offset the relevant portion of the credit against provisional tax, and access up to 80% of the remaining credit as cash, via RDTI in-year payments.

  • TMNZ, who administer RDTI in-year payments on behalf of the Government, need to access some information in your Inland Revenue RDTI account to process loan applications and payment requests.

  • An RDTI in-year payments loan generally needs to be repaid in full soon after your RDTI Supplementary Return has been finalised by Inland Revenue, though the due date will differ in certain circumstances.

  • Your business will need to be a going concern to be eligible for RDT in-year payments.

  • You will need to have applied for the RDTI before you can apply for RDTI in-year payments.

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